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Health & Safety – is your company compliant?


Every business in South Africa needs to be compliant in terms of the OHS Act 85 of 1993. Hesscon (Pty) Ltd can issue a Certificate of Compliance (COC) once the audit has been completed and passed. This COC’s assist businesses to show their compliance to the OHS Act 85 of 1993. It is also important to ensure that the safety system is maintained thereafter.

The COC is valid for one year and must be re-issued annually. Having a COC will better equip companies who are inspected by the Department of Labour, Fire Department, Department of higher education and Training, the Seta’s and Qualification Council for trades and Occupations (QCTO) as well as your customers and suppliers should they need to audit your OHS System. Non compliance with the Act could result in severe penalties where as a Business Owner/Director you could face a fine of up to R1 million or up to 10 years in jail. We also strongly advocate Behaviour Based Safety and international Best Practices to ensure that you do not put the lives of your staff and customers at risk.

Don’t believe this could ever happen to you? The fact is that fatalities in the work place are far more commonplace than you might think. The risk of fire, especially, is hugely underestimated by many business owners, who skip fire drills and fail to draw up proper evacuation plans and ensure that the system is implemented.


2.78 million fatal accidents annually

The fact is that globally 2.78 million fatal accidents occur at work every year. That means an average of almost 7 700 people lose their lives every week as a result of work related injuries or illnesses.  Making your work environment safe is about more than just providing fire extinguishers and first aid kits. It’s about being aware of risk areas … putting safety procedures in place … and making sure that staff wear the prescribed protective clothing, and are properly trained to handle hazardous or flammable chemicals, equipment and machinery.

Whether your business environment is relatively low risk – e.g. offices or a retail store – or carries the higher risks associated with manufacturing, logistics or construction, Hesscon will conduct safety audits of your workplace, and ensure you’re legally compliant with a valid Health and Safety Compliance Certificate.


How do I get a Health and Safety Compliance Certificate?

Health and Safety Compliance Certificates are issued following a site inspection of your factory or business premises by qualified auditors from a company such as Hesscon, which is registered with the relevant authorities. Auditors check for workplace risks and hazards, and assess safety control measures that are in place, including evacuation plans. Any areas of concern need to be addressed before the business is issued with a Health and Safety Compliance Certificate.


How much does it cost?

Hesscon offers a range of options depending on the size of the company, the level of risk, and whether or not effective safety systems are already in place. Your Health and Safety Compliance Certificate could cost from as little as R3 950 upwards. Call us for a quote for your specific requirements.


What is a Safety File and can I create this myself?

A Safety File is a record of information related to the implementation and management of health and safety systems and procedures for a company or a specific project. It serves as proof of compliance to safety specifications set down by the
Occupational Health and Safety Act and protects the business owner or employer against liability.

In our experience, DIY Safety Files often fall short, because the business owner isn’t trained to identify potential hazards and shortcomings in the same way as a professional safety auditor, and lacks the necessary understanding of the various regulations in place. When it comes to securing the safety of staff, customers and business or factory premises, it doesn’t pay to cut corners. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to call in the experts.


Hesscon – it’s all about safety and training

We offer these core services:

  1. Health and Safety consulting;
  2. Full Qualifications: Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner, Construction Health & Safety (CON OHS) ;
  3. Various SETA accredited training products that relate directly to workplace health and safety.

More recently, we’ve added other training courses for ISO, human resources, management, Microsoft software and wellness – to provide a holistic training service. Click here for more details on our courses.


Tailored to your needs

Every company is different … and so are their safety requirements. Our aim is to instill a positive health & safety culture within companies, and to ensure full legal compliance. We are committed to formalising the health and safety industry, and making sure that all businesses in South Africa understand their responsibility towards their staff and customers. We strive to be a source of advice and information, keeping clients up to date on all matters relating to Health & Safety and Training. Click here to see companies that work with Hesscon.

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Our Credentials

Hesscon is a credible, professional Occupational Health & Safety Consulting and Training Service Provider. We are QCTO Accredited training provider as well as Services Seta, Ceta, Teta and Department of Labour registered for first aid training. Further to this we are registered with several professional bodies namely ASDSA, SAIBA, SAIOSH, IWH, SACPCMP, SABPP and more to ensure that we keep up to date with industry best practices and to remain current with training and safety standards.


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South African Institute of Occupational Health and Safety SAIBO

What clients say

“We have been doing our training with Hesscon since the end of 2015 and we have found Hesscon to be passionate about the safety industry and this translates to their Practitioners and Training Officers as they deliver the training at a very high standard.

Their service is professional and held to maximum standards. Their team also ensures that all aspects from training to administration is taken care of with an efficient turnaround time and very little or no burden to the client. They strive to go the extra mile for all their clients large or small. We are able to rely on Hesscon’s professional and efficient service and we would recommend their service to other clients.”


Aveng – Grinaker LTA


What clients say


“Thanks for getting my results from the British Safety Council. Also thanks to the team for the splendid lectures, I am sure this played a huge role in me passing the exams.”


Alicia Daniel – AES Maintenance Technician, KwaZulu-Natal


What clients say

“Thanks for getting my results from the British Safety Council. Also thanks to the team for the splendid lectures, I am sure this played a huge role in me passing the exams.”


Alicia Daniel – AES Maintenance Technician, KwaZulu-Natal


What clients say

“The Health & Safety training, First Aid training and Fire Marshall training we have received throughout the Hirsch branches has been outstanding. Your training is interactive and informative, resulting in a very enjoyable training session.”


Jenny Syren – Hirsh’s

What clients say

“Hesscon has been appointed as the Safety Consultants for the implementation of Grindrod Intermodal’s safety management systems. We are able to rely on their professional efficient service and we recommend their services to any future customers.”

Chris Kapp – Grindrod Freight Services