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Training: Customer Service

Customer Service Training
The purpose of this unit standard is to encompass the skills needed to monitor the level of service between an organisation and its customers, both internal and external. This Unit Standard is intended for junior managers of organisations.

SAQA ID : 242829

  • Identify internal and external customers, where applicable.
  • Determine the elements of a budget in an area of responsibility.
  • Measure customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.
  • Recommend corrective action

Unit Standard Range

  • Customers include, but not limited to, other organisations, consumer, department, general public, other areas of responsibility and government departments.
  • Area of responsibility’ includes, but is not limited to, cost centre, section, department or team.
  • Junior managers’ include, but are not limited to, team leaders, supervisors, foremen and section heads.
  • Standard Operating Procedures’ (SOPs) may comprise formal written documents or accepted practices in the organisation.
  • Organization’ includes but is not limited to, workplace, work context, work unit, company, department or section.


Learner Responsibilities

As much as it is the responsibility of the Facilitator to make sure that you are being trained it is your duty to take responsibility for your own training. Here is a list that will guide you.

  • Arrive on time for the course.
  • Come prepared for training, bring a writing pad and pen.
  • Take notes during the course to ensure understanding.
  • Ask questions if you are not sure of something or if you do not understand.
  • Have fun while learning.
  • Have a positive attitude.


The qualifying learner is capable of:

  • Identifying internal and external customers, where applicable.
  • Explaining standards of customer service expected by the organisation.
  • Measuring customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.
  • Recommending corrective action.


Assignment Instructions

  • Make sure that you read the assignment and understand the instructions.
  • If you are unsure of the assignment or instructions, speak to your Facilitator.
  • All the assignments must be in your own hand writing and you must use a black pen.
  • Write neatly and clearly.
  • Assignments must be submitted on time.
  • Add or attach all extra evidence that is required for the assignment.

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